ZIZWCe Art Banner Agreement  


Front Page Banner
Banner____(1 Month = $40. )
Banner_____( 3 Months @ $40.= $120. )
Banner_____( 6 Months = $240. )
Banner_____( 1 Year = $430. )
Banner One Time Set Up Fee: $20.00
Banner Design: Coming soon.

1. Payment is to be received in advance of the Banner term.
2. Banners are not deemed accepted until verified and approved.
3. The advertiser agrees to hold harmless and indemnify ZIZWCe and any or all its agents from all damages, and costs of any nature for which ZIZWCe and any or all its agents may become liable for reason of its publication of the advertiser's message.
4. Please send your banner via e-mail to us after you make a payment.

Banner Requirements:
Size: 468 X 60 pixel And No larger than 12k
Format: GIF or JPEG
Attach and Send Banner File to : zizwce@tm.net.my

* For other size please send me your request e-mail.

ZIZWCe Art reserve the right to refuse any advertising it deems unacceptable.


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